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We aim to explore meaningful questions and contribute to the broader conversation in the interdisciplinary design fields through the work of CAP students, opening a broader dialogue.

To exhibit the culture of the place, and showcase the most meaningful, thought provoking work of our students and conversations with those making a difference in the design community.

Welcome to the 14th edition of Glue: the official student journal for the Ball State University College of Architecture & Planning. The title of this edition is “Forward/Backward.” As we continue to grow and change as a journal we find ourselves simultaneously looking backward, at what we as a journal, and as a college have been/done; and continue to look forward to the future. It has been said that to be an architect is to be unapollegtically optimistic. To be a dreamer. Yet, in order to be relevant we must keep one foot in reality while our heads wander wonderfully into what ever cloud of curiosity we stumble upon. 

Here is to the future!


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