I Scream, U Sream - Eric Lawler Spring 2016

I Scream, U Sream - Eric Lawler Spring 2016

Requirements for Submissions

Please include the following:

- Your name

- The title of the course the work was produced in

- Name of professor advising the project

- Your major and year level when the work was produced

- A brief project description (150-200 words)

Required project images as follows:

- 2-3 Process Images (diagrams, sketches, etc. .JPEG, .PNG, or .TIFF)

- 1-2 Model photographs (.PNG OR .JPEG where applicable)

- 1-2 Final Renderings (.PNG, .PDF, .JPEG, or .TIFF where applicable)

- 3-5 Final Drawings (plans, sections, elevations, axons, etc. .EPS          preferred, .PNG, .JPEG, .TIFF acceptable)

Optional additional project images:

- 1-2 wire frame images (.PNG preferred, .TIFF, .EPS acceptable)

- 1 Context map (.PNG, .JPEG, or .TIFF)

- Miscellaneous images as desired

All project images must be submitted individually, not as full boards or presentation layouts; any project which does not meet these requirements will not be considered for publication. If files exceed the limit of email attachment submissions, please use WeTransfer.com to submit your work separately to gluepub@gmail.com; all submissions should be from the 2017-2018 school and are considered on a rolling basis, deadline for fall submissions is January 29th, 2018. If you have questions about submitting your project to Glue, send us an email with the subject 'submissions questions' and we would be happy to find the submission that fits best with your work.